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The Middle East

December 09, 2023

The FCDO is currently advising against all travel to Syria, Yemen, Iran and much of isreal and also has area travel warnings for many countries in the region. Whilst many parts such as the UAE, Egypt and Jordan are generally stable and prosperous, this is not the case other areas. On 7th October 2023 Hamas launched a major ground attack against israel settlements and launched hundreds of rockets.  Whilst the Lebanon remains in a state of political paralysis and is struggling to recover from the August 2020 port explosion. In Iran the situation has settled down following the 2022 mass demonstrations but in the long term the grip of the Mullahs seems to have been weakened.

At least 34,000 people were killed in the February 2023 earthquake on the Turkish/Syrian border.

Current highlights:

  • Israel/Hamas - fighting contijnues
  • Dubai: COP 28 Conference starts
  • Iraq: US evacuate non essential personnel
  • Egypt: Election next week
  • Lebanon: Increased tension due to Gaza/Israel conflict
  • Afghanistan: Major earthquake on 8 Oct 23 kills thousands
  • Afghanistan: Girls banned from Universities
  • Yemen: Conflict continues

South & Central America

December 10, 2023

Prior to travel to the Americas, it's vital to check the Covid entry requiements, the FCDO website is a good starting point. Most countries require proof of double vaccination and the completion of a health entry form.

The crime rates in many Latin American cities is higher than in Europe and since the covid pandemic, many countries continue to face economic unrest. Inflation is very high in Argentina and Brazil is in a state of political unrest following the November 2022 election. In early December 2022, the Peru President Castillo was impeached and outsted from office leading to widespread street protests.

Current highlights:

  • Brazil: Heat wave in many parts
  • Panama: Low water level in panama canal
  • Argentina: Jazvier Milei sworn in
  • Bolivia: Severs diplomatic ties with Israel
  • Brazil: Amazon at low levels
  • Ecuador: Second election round in October
  • Ecuador: National state of emergency declared
  • Peru: Avain flu H5N1 killing 100 thousands of wild birds
  • Uruguay: Water shortages 
  • Colombia: Ceasefire declared with ELN
  • Paraquay: Increased risk of Chikungunya fever
  • Belize: WHO declares free of Malaria
  • Argentina: Inflation hits 100% 
  • Peru: Increased risk Dengue Fever in lowland areas
  • Bolivia: Political instability
  • Bolivia: Santa Cruz area - increased risk of dengue fever

View our April 2023 South America Briefing



Indian Sub Continent

December 07, 2023

Travel to the Indian sub-continent is relatively easy provided it is well planned. There are a multitude of different entry requirements and safety and security is an issue in a number of areas such as Kashmir and the tribal areas of Pakistan. Throughout the region, the risk greatest risks are from road traffic accidents and pollution in urban areas. Myanmar (Burma) continues under military rule with sporadic protests and Sri Lanka is beginning to stabilise both politically and economically following the ousting of the Rajapaska presidency. Pakistan is politically and economically unstable and also threatened by growing violence in the NW from the TTP (Tehreek - e - Taliban Pakistan) Islamist group. This group claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing in Peshawar on 30 January 2023 which killed over 100 security forces officers and associates.

Current Highlights:

  • India: Cyclone in Tamil Nadu & AP
  • Bangladesh: Anti Gov street turn violent
  • India: Pollution levels rise in Delhi, schools shut
  • Pakistan: Thousand of Afghan refugees expelled
  • India: Increased security in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Pakistan: Street protests against fuel costs
  • Pakistan: Imran Khan 1 year jail sentence
  • India: Bans white rice exports
  • India: Ethnic violence Manipor state
  • Sri Lanka: Increased risk of Denge Fever
  • Myanmar (Burma): FCDO advises against all but essential travel

Travelling in Africa

December 10, 2023

Travel to Africa should be well prepared as there are huge variation in the overall safety situation. At a high level, the risk from disease, especaily malaria in West Africa and parts of Southern Africa should be researched and road traffic accidents remain a constant thrreat.

The Sahel is highly unstable, particulary Mali, Chad, Burkina Fasa, Niger, Northern Nigeria. Parts of Somalia and Ethiopia are also in a flux of conflict. In mid April 23 Sudan descended into open civil war between the government/Army and the Rapid Suppoert Forces (RSF).  A coup in early August 23 disposed the elected goverment in Niger but the region into further crisis.  The risk from terrorism is significant in Kenya, parts of Egypt (Sinai).However, many parts of West Africa and Southern Africa are stable - The key is research. Check out the FCDO and also major global risk management companies such as Sibylline, ISOS/CRG, Salamanca & Worldaware.

South Africa will continue to have extensive power cuts for months if not years to come as the energy supply sector is broken. The state of the Zimbabwean economy is desperate with inflation running at about 250%, daily power cuts and mass unemployment, An election is due and Zanu-PF will do what is necessary, including violent repression to stay in power.  The football African Cup of Nation is being held in Ivory Coast from 13 Jan to 11 Feb 24.  

Current highlights:

  • Sudan: Fighting intensifies
  • Sierra Leone: Street violence kills 13
  • Kenya & Ethiopia: Severe flooding
  • Kenya: More power cuts
  • Niger: France to pulls out troops
  • Nigeria: Power cuts
  • Gabon: Military Coup
  • Zimbabwe: Opposition protests likely
  • Ivory Coast: Host African cup of Nations, 13 Jan - 11 Feb 24
  • Niger: Military coup
  • Malawi: Fuel shortages
  • Ethiopia: Increased levels of Cholera
  • Mali: UN peacekeepers ordered to leave
  • Mozambique: Elevated malaria risk
  • Ethiopia: Violence in Ahmara region
  • Zambia: Power cuts anticipated
  • Kenya: Continued risk from terrorism
  • South Africa: Power cuts continue



South East Asia

December 08, 2023

Covid restrictions are easing across most of South-East Asia, although China, which only relaxed its strict no tolerance policy in late 2022 following demonstrations. China's policy complete u-turn and has resulted in a surge of cases as the country has little herd immunity. Travel to the Chinese mainland for toursim and some busienesses opened up again on 15 March '23. The region is generally easy and safe for both the business and recreational traveller, apart from Myanmar which remains unstable following the military coup of Febrary 2021. The military have systematically crushed civil resistance and the FCDO is currently advising against all but essential to Myanmar except for Yangon.   Thailand holds electoins on 14 May, some unrest is likely.

Current highlights: 

  • Vietnam: Heavy rains and flooding
  • Vietnam: Incrased risk of Dengue Fever in Hanoi
  • Myanmar: Army losses in Shan state
  • Thaliand: Former PM Thakin Shinawatra returns & arrested
  • China: Flooding in south
  • Vietnam: Flooding in central areas
  • Taiwan: Elevated Dengue Fever threat
  • Laos & Vietnam: Dengue Fever risk
  • Thailand: Coalition formed but under the military control
  • Cambodia: Water shortage in some cities
  • Philippines: Increased terrorism threat in Mindanao Province

North America

December 08, 2023

Travellers to the USA and Canada must ensure they have the correct entry permissions/documents. For the USA, most visitors will be able to enter on an ESTA, however, those who have travelled to USA restricted countries such as Yemen, Iraq and Iran must obtain a visa.

The USA is certainly a more challenging country than Canada due to the ever-increasing political divide and the racial and religious tensions and threat of gun violence including mass shootings which can occur in schools, cinemas and shopping areas.

Current Highlights:

  • USA: Heavy snow in Norhtern states
  • USA: Covid test for arrivals from China 
  • USA: Political activity gears up for primary elections


December 07, 2023

The region of Austalasia covers Australia, New Zealand and some of the neighbouring Pacific islands. From a security perspective, both Australia and New Zealand are generally safe in comparison to other parts of the World. Environmental dangers are a concern.

New Zealand is an active seismic area with up to twenty earthquakes a day, however, most are small and are not felt. In recent years Australia has swung from extreme drought and devasting wild fires to torrential rains in the east and west coast in 2023.


World News

December 10, 2023

A range of risks occur for travellers, the top three are generally from crime, road traffic accidents (RTA's), disease and illness. In most of the large South American and African countries, crime will be the main risk. In South East Asia, it would be road traffic accidents and more recently, urban pollution.

The best sources of global news are the BBC, Reuters, The Economist and The Guardian.  Currently the war in Ukraine and increasing demonstrations in Iran are focusing world attention. The fall of the despotic theocratic regime of Iran has been forecast for many years, the current uprising has a different energy and feel to it. 


South America Briefing April 2023

April 13, 2023

For the international traveller planning to visit South America, they need to be aware of some relatively significant issues facing any visitor. On a positive note, with the exception of Chile, the continent is generally free of any significant covid entry restriction. However, other challenges remain. 

The first quarter of the year has been turbulent with political unrest a constant feature in Peru and Brazil and in most countries, there has been a significant increase in crime rates and gang related violence. Below is a quick round up, by country, of some of the issues any visitor needs to be aware of. 


Crisis Management Training

November 04, 2023

Importance of a Crisis Management Strategy for Businesses

We have recently completed a series of sessions for an international NGO with six principle offices around the world. These sessions focused on training their regional Incident Management Teams (IMTs) and also the Global Crisis Management Team (CMT) based in New York.

The sessions involved training on the principles of crisis management and structures of teams followed by a scenario-based exercise. The latter varied between the Asia and Latin American IMTs handling a crisis evolving a climatic disaster (with a person being kidnapped to add to the mix!) to the US and EU teams handling employees getting caught up in a terrorist incident. The training was possible as the organisation had already taken strident steps to prepare for such events.

What does an organisation need to effectively manage a crisis?

For an organisation to effectively manage a crisis, they need to have procedures and structure in place so that they have the rapid ability to react. To have practiced in advance is also important, so should an event happen, it’s not the IMT’s or CMT’s first outing!  A success outcome, which might be seen as minimising the risk to employees and reputation, will be dependent on whether they have a plan and this doesn't need to be complicated.


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