Objective Travel Safety offer a range courses that cover all manner of subject matter, see below for more information.


Business Travel Safety Awareness Course

Bespoke Business Traveller courses aimed at training the individual so that they can be safe and productive whilst travelling abroad. The course is aimed to compliment the business’s existing travel procedures and also deliver the duty of care obligations for companies.

Courses range from a short one hour briefing, to a half-day session through to a full-day course.



Hostile Environment Safety Course (HEST/HEAT/HET/HEFAT)

For those working in high-risk countries and conflict areas. The duration of the course is typically from two days through to five days and will be adapted to meet the client’s needs. These courses are extremely popular with NGOs and media workers and will generally include a strong medical element.



Leisure and Adventure Travel

For those planning to do their own mini-expedition or perhaps part of the annual Mongol Rally. We also run many courses for private expeditions. The course will be adjusted to meet specific needs and in addition to safety training, we can also assist with planning and organisation, packing and to help to sort the route! We also trained Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on the 'Long Way Round' and 'Long Way Down' motorbike expeditions.




Gap Year Travel and Safety Course

One-day course, with a shorter version and Talks for Schools, Colleges and Universities, has been acclaimed many times in the national media. Whilst its aim is to keep the independent traveller safe and to gain confidence whilst abroad, we have also helped thousands of young travellers to maximise their travel opportunities. Our one-day courses are held in London and recommend attendance should be around one month before departure.

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