First-Aid and Remote Medicine

Offering a range of First-Aid courses. They can be standalone, for example, a one-day trauma first-aid refresher course or first-aid as part of a medical package within the Hostile Environment Safety course (HEST/HEAT). 
Contents of the course will be defined by the skill level and the training needs of the clients.
Typical subjects include: 
Basic life support 
Trauma management and the control of bleeding
Burns management 
Road traffic accidents (RTA) and casualty care
Keeping yourself going - “bugs bites and bowels”
Remote medicine – hot and cold injuries, attitude sickness 
First-Aid trauma and general travel medical packs 
We also have a tailor-made trauma first-aid pack and a travel medical kit that we can supply to our clients.
The course can be easily tailored and delivered at our training venue near Daventry in Northamptonshire or a client’s preferred location.  

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Check out the FIRST AID & REMOTE MEDICINE course for more detail.

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