Travel Safety Training for NGOs, Charities, Humanitarian Aid Workers

Do your Employees Travel Abroad on Business?

Have you ensured their safety whilst travelling overseas?

Business Traveller courses online via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Flexible in our approach, the course is broken down into short sessions or on a one to one basis. This approach gives companies the flexibilty to deliver their travel safety training remotely. 
travel safety for NGOs

  • Situation awareness; 'how to think on your feet'
  • Pre-travel planning; security advice, diseases, inoculations, Covid-19 travel restrictions and considerations
  • Kit, equipment & safety gadgets
  • Insurance, Consulates and help abroad
  • Cultural, religious and environmental consideration, personal security, gender safety & crime avoidance
  • Theft avoidance & security of possessions
  • Handling difficult situations; muggings, defusing confrontation. Getting about safely; airports, taxis, public transport, hotel/accommodation security
  • Terrorism and ballistic awareness, kidnap prevention and conduct if taken

Which Course is right for your Company?

Business Travel Safety Awareness Courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe when abroad and delivers duty of care obligations for companies.

Courses are modular to ensure they suit both specific company requirements and the countries that employees will be visiting. For those travelling to higher risk locations, we offer a two or three day Hostile Environment Safety Course (HEST/HEAT/HET/HEFAT) and we also advise companies on Travel Safety Procedures.


Business Travel Safety Awareness courses, are a full-day held at your offices and run for up to 12 delegates. The course designed to teach the individual how the 'think safe' to avoid situations and how to handle themselves should events turn against them.  

Standardisation can lead to predictability and complacency

The differing requirements of every client dictate that no Objective Travel Safety course can ever be the same. The extensive experience of our team and the quality of our material makes Objective’s safety services unique.

As well as offering the face to face (In-person) training courses, we also offer both Skype, Zoom and Webinar Training.


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Check out the TRAVEL SAFETY TRAINING FOR NGOS AND CHARITIES course for more detail.

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