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Developing security and travel procedures, risk assessments and crisis management planning

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Our Courses

Tailor-made training courses, varying in length and content to meet our client's needs. Content dictated by the destination, risk factors, activity planned and travel experience

Travel safety awareness training courses



For media professionals, NGOs and Charities - 2 to 5 day training courses


One-day courses for Charities, NGOs and Humanitarian Aid Workers


First-Aid and medical training courses


For groups or individual expeditions 


Gap Year Travel Safety courses in-person in London or online virtually



We are trusted by a variety of clients whether large corporations, small NGO's or SME's. We adjust our training to meet the clients' needs.

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NGOs and charities working overseas in hostile or challenging/remote locations, can face uniques circumstances. 

Training your people to assess the risks and plan for keeping safe.

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Travel Risk Management

It's important that companies have a simple but robust Travel Safety Management Plan. At the heart of the plan is an overseas travel policy statement, which outlines how travel risk is managed and signposts to any supporting procedures and documents.

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For businesses based in Europe or travelling in countries such as Kenya, India and the Sahel area, terrorism is a significant threat.

Providing a short training session on what to do if caught up in a terrorist or 'active shooter' attack.

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Leisure & adventure Travel Safety

Leisure, Adventure Travel and Expedition Safety Courses designed to give the more adventurous traveller the knowledge and confidence to explore far and wide.

Avoiding trouble is the key to success and we'll show you how...

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What Our Customers Say

"The course offers good preparation for working in crisis areas or in critical situations.
- the week is packed with content.
- very good mixture of practice/theory and discussion rounds,
- Repetition of the practical parts in reasonable doses,
- the team of speakers is top-class with a lot of experience,
- communication and questions possible at any time, pleasant course atmosphere,
- the group with 12 (international) participants also enables a good exchange,
- Surroundings and accommodation at the chateau is a good setting

HEST 5 Day Course Attendee, April 2022 - Journalist

'The training session, led by Charlie was well presented and clearly delivered, full of practical tips, and didn’t pull the punches on the ‘worst case’ scenarios, while remaining very grounded. I would highly recommend this as a refresher for seasoned travellers or as an introduction to travel safety for novices.'

Alison Tweed, Chief Executive, Book Aid International

'Really enjoyed it, very informative but never felt overloaded and most of all fun!

'Excellent, brilliant hospitality and food'

'Good pace to the lessons and the discussions over dinner were a good idea for emotional trauma chat

'Great explanations excellent reenactments, delicous food'.'.

Attendees from 2-Day HEST

Thank you for having me at the EBU seminar "Hostile Environment Safety" last week!

The week was extraordinary! What lay not only at the scene - no question Schloss Hexenagger is a show in itself - but above all to the trainer: Inside! So honestly true, so pleasant, focused and professionally competent trainers: Inside I have seldom experienced. Hats off!

It was also a lively exchange among the students. They were colleagues: Inside from Finland, Norway, USA, Netherlands and Germany. Each was able to bring in his experiences and country-specific procedures and we were able to discuss them. I think there is added value for everyone.

So thank you again that I was able to participate in this seminar through the BR - it was very worthwhile and I can recommend it 100%. I now feel much more secure when it comes to my assignments for the BR, whether at home or abroad.

HEST Course Attendee - Bayerischer Rundfunk

I wanted to feed back that Tatty LOVED the course. She went along in a slightly eyes-rolled, “do I have to do this” sort of mentality… and came back raving and saying how INCREDIBLY useful it was and how everyone should do it. She said how interesting your insights were and what an interesting set of experiences you had had! Given her particular speciality is setting off to climb a mountain in a T shirt and refusing to take advice on warm clothing (or waterproof clothing) EVER I am particularly grateful how struck she was by the advice on hypothermia!!

She is also v proud of her water bottle!

Thank you so much again!

Mother Of Gap Course Attendee

Hi Charlie, Hope you're well. I wrote you, because I wanna to THANK YOU for everything you learnt me and of the EBU HEST course yours colleagues also. I was filming in Cairo from 28 of january to 4 of february and Im still alive because i follow almost everything I learnt in HEST. It was maybe the most heaviest filming that I came thru, we were in the middle of shooting, we were kidnapped, detained and many other "happy" things. THANK YOU Charlie for your training.
Thank you Objective!

Petr Svidenský, Czech television


Petr Svidenský,

We arranged an online personal safety training course for all our employees to participate in and it completely exceeded our expectations. 

Objective were able to tailor the training to destinations, that as an organisation, we are more likely to travel to and this was so done so in great depth and the information was relevant and inspiring. 

At every stage of the training, Charlie engaged each employee with thought provoking scenarios or questions. The session itself was very interesting.

Beforehand, we spoke regularly with Objective and through the expertise of Charlie we have been able to make more use of the extras which come with our insurance policy, as well as make adaptations to internal policies, processes and documents. Charlie really knows his stuff and it showed.  

Becky Mulligan


Travel must-haves for the international traveller

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Latest Linkedin Posts

We've had a busy week in Hexenagger, Germany for our Sept. series of HEST courses in conjunction with EBU Academy.

Delighted to be back  for our second 5-day course, training even more journalists, reporters and media workers, preparing them for hostile environments. Such a  beautiful location too!


Back in Hexenagger, Germany training journalists reporters and correspondents on a 5-day HEST course with @EBU_Academy.

Today is Medical Training Day. teaching CPR techniques.


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