September 28, 2023

The Middle East

The FCDO is currently advising against all travel to Syria, Yemen and Iran and it also has area travel warnings for many countries in the region. Whilst many parts such as the UAE, Egypt and Jordan are generally stable and prosperous, this is not the case other areas. The risk of a short term, no notice conflict between Israel and Gaza is ever present, Whilst the Lebanon remains in a state of political paralysis and is struggling to recover from the August 2020 port explosion. Massive civil unrest, lead by women, has broken out in Iran following dead of an anti hajib protester.

The situation in Israel is currently very tense following the killing of seven worshippers in a synagogue in East Jersualem in late January 2023. There is a high risk of further escalation. At least 34,000 people were killed in the February 2023 earthquake on the Turkish/Syrian border.

Current highlights:




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