July 14, 2024

The Middle East

The FCDO is currently advising against all travel to Syria, Yemen, Iran and much of isreal and also has area travel warnings for many countries in the region. Whilst many parts such as the UAE, Egypt and Jordan are generally stable and prosperous, this is not the case other areas. On 7th October 2023 Hamas launched a major ground attack against israel settlements and launched hundreds of rockets.  Whilst the Lebanon remains in a state of political paralysis and is struggling to recover from the August 2020 port explosion. In Iran the situation has settled down following the 2022 mass demonstrations but in the long term the grip of the Mullahs seems to have been weakened. President Raisi died in a helpicopter crash in May 2024, presidential elections are being held on 28 June, many anti regime activitist are uring a boycott. 

At least 34,000 people were killed in the February 2023 earthquake on the Turkish/Syrian border.

Current highlights:




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