January 26, 2023

Travelling in Africa

Travel to Africa should be well prepared as there are huge variation in the overall safety situation. At a high level the risk from disease, especaily malaria in West Africa and parts of southern Africa should be researched an road traffic accidents remain a constant thrreat. The Sahel is highly unstable, particulary Mali, Chad, Burkina Fasa, Niger, northern Nigeria. Parts of Somalia and Ethiopia are also in a flux of conflict. The risk from terrorism is significant in Kenya, parts of Egypt (Sinai). However, many parts of west Africa and southern Africa are stable - the key is research. Check out the FCDO but also major global risk management companies such as Sibylline, ISOS/CRG, Salamanca & Worldaware. South Africa will contijnue to have extensive power cuts for months if not years to come as the energy supply sector is broken. The state of the Zimbabwqean ecomnomy is desperate with inflation running at about 250%, daily power cuts and mass unemployment, Am election is due and Zanu-PF will do what is necedssary, including violent repression to stay in power.  

Current highlights:


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