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Travelling in Africa

February 23, 2024

Travel to Africa should be well prepared as there are huge variation in the overall safety situation. At a high level, the risk from disease, especaily malaria in West Africa and parts of Southern Africa should be researched and road traffic accidents remain a constant thrreat.

The Sahel is highly unstable, particulary Mali, Chad, Burkina Fasa, Niger, Northern Nigeria. Parts of Somalia and Ethiopia are also in a flux of conflict. In mid April 23 Sudan descended into open civil war between the government/Army and the Rapid Suppoert Forces (RSF).  A coup in early August 23 disposed the elected goverment in Niger but the region into further crisis.  The risk from terrorism is significant in Kenya, parts of Egypt (Sinai).However, many parts of West Africa and Southern Africa are stable - The key is research. Check out the FCDO and also major global risk management companies such as Sibylline, ISOS/CRG, Salamanca & Worldaware.

South Africa will continue to have extensive power cuts for months if not years to come as the energy supply sector is broken. The state of the Zimbabwean economy is desperate with inflation running at about 250%, daily power cuts and mass unemployment, An election is due and Zanu-PF will do what is necessary, including violent repression to stay in power.  The football African Cup of Nation is being held in Ivory Coast from 13 Jan to 11 Feb 24.  

Current highlights:

  • Senegal: Pre elections unrest
  • Ivory Coast: Wins Cup of African Nations
  • Sudan: Fighting intensifies
  • Sierra Leone: Night time curfew
  • Kenya & Ethiopia: Severe flooding
  • Ivory Coast: Host Cup of African Nations
  • Niger: France to pulls out troops
  • Gabon: Military Coup
  • Zimbabwe: Opposition protests likely
  • Ivory Coast: Host African cup of Nations, 13 Jan - 11 Feb 24
  • Niger: Military coup
  • Malawi: Fuel shortages
  • Ethiopia: Increased levels of Cholera
  • Mali: UN peacekeepers ordered to leave
  • Mozambique: Elevated malaria risk
  • Ethiopia: Violence in Ahmara region
  • Zambia: Power cuts anticipated
  • Kenya: Continued risk from terrorism
  • South Africa: Power cuts continue




Humanitarian Aid trip to Ukraine

February 02, 2024

Paul Parsons and I turn off the main road and are faced with what seems to be a no entry or restricted access road sign.  Do we proceed or not? We are leading eight other vehicles and ahead is five km of snowy tracks through the snow deadened Polish forests. We are close to the Ukraine border, having passed a heavily camouflaged military field radar site.  ‘Engage four wheel drive’; the Hilux grins, this is more like it after too long on the German & Polish motorways! We gently trundle through the birch forest, ever fearful of finding a locked barrier. All is well and we emerge out of the forest and past small farms with tin roofs and fences demarking their boundaries. Thirty minutes later, we are trying to find the Hilux’s chassis number (for those interested, on back seat door frame) at the border crossing point into Ukraine without which the Poles would not allow us to cross the border.  


Business Travel Safety – Ready to go?

February 15, 2024

It’s been a slow return and business travel is now certainly picking up.  Whilst growth of virtual communications has been terrific news for stretched travel budgets and it will help reduce global emissions, there is also a read need for physical travel too. Factories need to be visited, crops inspected, and key conferences attended.  So here are a few tips and tricks from the Objective Travel Safety team which may help anyone planning an upcoming business trip. 


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