Travel Safety Training for the International Business Traveller 

Objective Travel Safety have assisted international business travellers for over 15 years. Working with small and medium sized companies to ensure  safety of their employees when working overseas.  Understanding that keeping individuals safe abroad requires a twin-track approach, the company to have the necessary pre-travel procedures and follow-on support in place and  the individual to have received safety training so as to be able to minimise risk at the earliest opportunity. 

Travel safety awareness courses equip our clients with the tools they need to conduct their own risk assessments, wherever they travel. They can then identify any indicators of trouble early to avoid conflict and travel confidently. There are no restrictions to the different topics that can be covered in a course.


We deliver support in a number of ways

  • Working with companies and organisations to improve or implement a simple and robust travel risk management policy. 
  • Assisting with the implementation of any supporting procedures such pre-departure documentation, checklists and risk assessments (especially for high-risk countries).
  • Establishing useful sources of travel information and emergency support. 
  • Implementing a crisis management plan and providing training for the selected crisis management team.  
  • Providing Business Travel Safety courses. Courses are typically either a full day or half day and can be delivered in-person (our preference) or virutally (online).  A maximum of 12 delegates to ensure fostering good conversations and learning environment. 


Business Travel Tips for Ultimate Preparation

Whether you are travelling to a country that is economically or culturally unstable, our experienced team ensure you are fully prepared. and Courses equip individuals with a set of intelligent skills that they can continue use wherever they travel. Business travel tips are designed to reduce the chances of our clients falling victim to crime or a simple scam, not getting sick abroad, dealing with corrupt officials and even learning the basics on the threat from weaponry in higher risk countries.

Taxi rides are very common on a business journey and often relied upon, which is why they never fail to spark an in-depth discussion or debate. Some countries, like Brazil, do have a damaged reputation when it comes to bogus taxi drivers. We also provide you with  guidelines that limit the risk of kidnap.



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Check out the BUSINESS TRAVEL SAFETY course for more detail.

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