Hostile Environment Safety Training Covid–19 Risk Reduction Measures

Hostile Environment Safety Training Covid–19 Risk Reduction Measures 6th October 2020

Hostile Environment Safety Training Covid–19 Risk Reduction Measures

We’re delighted our Hostile Environment Safety Training courses are resuming and wanted to let you know the robust plans that we have put in place to keep you safe on our HEST training courses, outlining the measures we are taking to ensure that the courses run as safely a possible within covid-19 restriction guidelines.

Firstly, we ask everyone attending to complete a health declaration form, but more on that later!

HEST courses will take place at our venue in Northamptonshire and run with a small, dedicated training team.

Running the courses is clearly not without risk but the courses are designed to prepare attendees whether journalists, reporters or NGO’s for a range of risks, some equal if not greater than the threat posed by Covid-19.

There is clearly an appetite for training and in many ways it's a good use of time whilst some international travel is restricted. However, it’s important that those attending the course feel confident enough to attend and to get as much from the course as possible in these strange and changing times.

The location has ample space so weather permitting and wherever possible, most of the training can be conducted outdoors. If we can eat outside, we will certainly try to do so.

We will balance the need to deliver a first class training course whilst at the same time making the courses as ‘Covid Secure’ as is possible.

At Objective Travel Safety, we have conducted HEST courses since 2003 so all the trainers have an in-depth knowledge of the location.

Charlie McGrath from Objective Travel Safety, will conduct a risk assessment on all the training activities and on arrival there will be a full Covid brief.

However, the main reduction measures are as follows:

•    Adherence to the government and local authority control measures.
•    Students and trainers will be required to complete a Covid Health Declaration form 7 days prior to the start of the course.
•    Temperature checks will be taken daily by the course medical trainer, Grant Wootton.
•    Student numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 6 people.
•    All ‘common areas’ cleaned daily, commonly touched surfaces, door handles, light switches are frequently cleaned.
•    Each training activity will be risk assessed and control measures implemented.
•    The location has ample space both inside and out – this will allow sufficient social distancing.
•    As much of the training as possible will be conducted outside.
•    Additional tables will be added to main lecture room to ensure minimum of 1m+ between students during theory lectures.
•    PPE; masks, face visors and gloves will be provided although students are be asked to bring their own masks.
•    Hand sanitiser will be readily available.
•    Some medical training activities such as airway control will have to be restricted.

All of the above measures will be reviewed during and between courses to ensure that safety guidelines are adhered to.

So to reserve a HEST course for your organisation, so do get in touch and we’d be delighted to discuss your specific training requirements. HEST Training

Take a look at our latest video from our HEST courses from September and October 2020, showing how we delivered safe, covid secure safety training to a range of journalists, reporters and media correspondents.



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