Objective Travel Safety has been providing Hostile Environment Awareness Training since 2002 for a diverse range of clients, including NGOs and media teams deploying to conflict zones. Our training can vary from 2-4 days depending on the areas and risks involved but this is what a typical 2-day course covers: 

  • Situation Awareness and Security Risk Assessments
  • Personal Safety
  • Mines and Booby Trap Awareness
  • Navigation; GPS and Compass
  • Medical; Preserving life and trauma through to tropical medicine
  • Negotiating Checkpoints
  • Working/filming in riots and crowds
  • Kidnap avoidance and conduct if taken
  • Basic vehicle mechanics and extracting an injured person
  • Weapons and Ballistics
  • Guidance on Emotional Trauma and PTSD


At Objective, our main focus is to provide tailored training for each and every one of our clients because we know every situation is different. That is exactly why the duration of our Hostile Environment Training can vary. Our courses cover not only theory, but also practical exercises, including scenario training. Our viewpoint is that it’s better to identify the indicators of trouble early and be able to anticipate and avoid danger. You’ll find that this training philosophy is rooted into each of the activities on our HEAT courses.



Why choose Objective for Hostile Environment Awareness Training?

Objective Travel Safety was established in 2001 and not soon after we saw a rapid development in our reputation, due to our range of imaginative travel safety courses and risk management advice. As our work became widely recognised, our Hostile Environment Awareness Training became popular among many journalists and news companies. Our current and previous UK-based clients include the BBC, FT, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Channel 4 and the Trinity Mirror Group, whilst we also have a working partnership with the European Broadcast Union. What’s more, we have a former Front-line TV and a print journalist and television cameraman, Robert Adams, as part of our team designing our innovative courses.


More on our Hostile Environment Awareness Courses

We hold our 2-day Hostile Environment Awareness Training in the UK at our centre in Northamptonshire, whilst larger groups can be trained at Oxon Hoath near Tonbridge in Kent. We also hold our Premium HEAT course in Germany, which is run in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union. The training takes place over 4 days in a privately owned castle in Bavaria, with extensive farmland and forest areas, creating the perfect environment for our scenario based training exercises.


Entering a country that has increased conflict is extremely risky, especially without prior training. Our courses aim to minimise the risk, not only maximising your own performance but also reassuring your families too. A course with us will not only deliver duty of care, but it will also build your confidence, impart useful skills and ultimately ensure you keep you safe.


If you are interested in our Hostile Environment Awareness Training such as gap year travel or business then please contact us on 01788 899029 or send us an email. The team at Objective Travel Safety is happy to help with any questions or advice you have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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