Whether you're off on the adventure holiday of a lifetime, to backpack your way around a far-flung continent or you are heading off the beaten track for work, it is vital that you take certain precautions before travelling abroad. We have helped a huge range of journalists, businesspeople and gap year travellers remain safe with foreign travel advice, and our courses are personalised for our clients unique travel arrangements. Each course is carefully structured to give you the information and knowledge you need to make informed decisions in potentially dangerous situations, and our team is made up of safety specialists who have travelled extensively, and we regularly run courses for NGOs and multinational companies who are sending employees to post conflict countries. Our information is specific to the country you're visiting, and you can find out more by getting in touch with a member of our team on 01788 899 029.


Foreign Travel Advice and Safety Courses from Objective Zamezi Crossing

The first piece of foreign travel advice we often give you is: do your homework. You will see on our website and social media pages that we are up to speed with the latest news, and that is because the news tells us what is happening abroad. It must be said that it does not give the whole picture, so make sure you check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) before you leave the UK. The FCO website can tell you if there are any areas or countries you should not visit; it provides location-specific guidance, letting you know what you need to be aware of. Our travel safety courses take this information a step further, and we use our own experience to train you in safety awareness and crisis management. Before you go, ensure you have travel insurance - remember to mention any dangerous activities (including adventure sports) you will be taking part in while you are away and take a copy of your policy. You will also need a return flight booked, and the details of your itinerary. Other important documents include reserved accommodation for your arrival (at some entry points you will be asked to give the address of where you will be staying) and of course a valid passport and visa. Depending on the country you are visiting you may also need to have injections or medication, and we know full well that it is not worth risking your health while you are away, and medical facilities might not be as good as the ones you are used to back home.



Foreign Travel Safety - Advice that is Specific to You

Objective Travel Safety has developed a diverse range of courses for different types of travellers, and whether you require a one day, two day or three day hostile environment course we can meet your needs. Every country is different, and we will advise you on specific dress codes, negotiating check-points, kidnap prevention, dealing with corrupt officials, theft avoidance and personal security, and you can enrol on a course by calling us today on 01788 899 029. Our prices vary depending on the course you require.


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