it's important that companies have a simple but robust Travel Safety Management Plan. At the heart of the plan is an overseas travel policy statement, which outlines how travel risk is managed and signposts to any supporting procedures and documents. Working closely with clients to develop their own risk management planning and policy.  Part of a travel policy statement is the need to conduct a travel risk assessment, especially if the intended destination is deemed to be of a higher risk.


What is a Travel Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is designed to identify what risks might be present, scoring those risks and putting controls in place so that the identified risks can be managed.


Travel Safety Management Plan - What's included?

  • Writing a Travel Safety Policy Statement.
  • Conducting risk assessments and/or designing forms, so the evaluation process can be produced ‘in house’.
  • Establishing a mechanism so that the risk assessment is a routine activity delivering the client’s duty of care to their staff.
  • Training staff on how to conduct a risk assessment and manage corporate travel safety.
  • Conducting reviews of current policies and procedures and revise existing company documentation.
  • In support of necessary risk assessments, we can design and produce pre-travel check lists and procedures; these check lists are also beneficial for those travelling to low risk countries. 


Why choose Objective?

Providing tailor-made solutions to meet your specific company requirements.  Experience in providing bespoke solutions to our clients which include mid-cap businesses sending individuals or small teams overseas, to news-gathering organisations sending media workers to conflict zones.  Flexible and adaptable in approach to our business and fully understand the duty of care requirements.

For more information on how we can help with your Travel Safety Management Solutions and Travel Risk Assessment requirements, contact us on 01788 899 029 or email:


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Check out the TRAVEL SAFETY TRAINING FOR NGOS AND CHARITIES course for more detail.

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