Objective Travel Safety has been providing a wide range of travel safety courses since 2001, and we offer business travel tips that are suited to our clients individual needs and travel requirements. There is an extensive range of topics that could be covered in a safety course and whatever your requirements we'll always work to minimise risks and maximise your performance. Our travel courses equip our clients with the tools they need to conduct their own risk assessments, wherever they travel. They can then identify any indicators of trouble early to avoid conflict and travel confidently. There are no restrictions to the different topics that can be covered in a course, but some of our previous courses have covered:

  • Situation awarenessbusiness travel tips
  • Kidnap prevention
  • Negotiating checkpoints
  • Handling corrupt officials
  • Risk assessments
  • Accommodation Security
  • Emergency first aid
  • Navigation
  • Tropical medicine



Business Travel Tips for Ultimate Preparation

Whether you are travelling to a country that is economically or culturally unstable, our experienced team will ensure you are fully prepared, and our courses equip individuals with a set of intelligent skills that they are likely to continue use wherever they travel. Our business travel tips are designed to reduce the chances of our clients falling victim to crime or a simple scam, not getting sick abroad, dealing with corrupt officials and even learning the basics on the threat from weaponry in higher risk countries. Taxi rides are very common on a business journey, and they are often relied upon, which is why they never fail to spark an in-depth discussion or debate. Some countries, like Brazil, do have a damaged reputation when it comes to bogus taxi drivers, and we can provide you with a set of guidelines that limit the risk of kidnap.


Business Travel Advice for your Individual Requirements

Our travel safety courses are priced at £750 (excluding VAT and Travel) while half day courses are available at £490. We regularly run hostile and travel safety courses for the UK print media, the European Broadcast Union and NGOs, and you only have to give us a call to discuss your own travel requirements. To learn more about our wide range of business travel tips or to discuss the safety of your next journey, call us today on 01788 899 029, alternatively send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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