Objective Travel Safety has been providing travel courses for those visiting South America for over 15 years. It is important to note that most visits to this region are trouble free, however, many of the continent’s urban areas pose a threat to inexperienced or unprepared travellers.
In popular tourist areas across South America, such as Buenos Aires, Cuzco and Quito, travellers face a significant threat of being mugged. As we explain on our courses, one of our top South America travel tips in this situation is that you should always comply. That said, we use our skills and experience to help you stay aware of the risks so you can avoid potentially dangerous situations like this and maximise your adventure, whether that be an action packed adventure or several weeks away for business purposes.


How to travel safely in South America: A few top tips

Below, we’ve listed a few general South America travel tips, but the most effective way to stay safe is to sign up for one of our courses. These are designed to help you evaluate situations so you can avoid trouble, whilst giving you the confidence needed to explore or travel South America without encountering dangerous situations or disruptions.



Plan ahead

Depending on the tasks you have at hand or the excursions you want to do, it is very important that you plan ahead so you can understand whether your plans are realistic. Once have a better idea on what’s achievable on a given day, you can accomplish the tasks or activities you have set.


Speak the local language

We’re not saying you have to undertake hours of lessons to learn Portuguese or Spanish, however, knowing some of the basic words and phrases can help your trip go a lot smoother.


Make multiple copies of important documents

We recommend you take backup copies of your visa, passport and insurance documents so that you can get out of a sticky situation quickly should you lose the originals or run into trouble.


Always carry some local cash

Even in today’s modern world where you can access money from your own bank overseas with relative ease, it’s always sensible to carry some local cash too.


Expert South America Travel Tips and Advice: Why Choose Objective

At Objective Travel Safety, we provide specialist training courses to prepare you for your time in South America, and this website is dedicated to business travel, hostile environment safety courses and adventure travel, whilst our sister website www.objectivegapyear.com is the place to go for South America travel tips and advice for gap year travellers.
Our business travel courses for those heading to South America can be conducted in your place of work, or one of our training centres and we cover the following modules: 

  • Security advice and regional threats.
  • Personal security and situation awareness.
  • Theft avoidance and security of possessions.
  • Kit, equipment and safety gadgets.
  • Accommodation security.
  • Getting about safely using airports, taxis and public transport
  • Emergency first aid.
  • Health advice and disease prevention.
  • Negotiating check-points.
  • Mines and booby trap awareness.
  • Dealing with corrupt official and bribes.
  • Kidnap prevention and conduct if taken.
  • Handling difficult situations; muggings, diffusing confrontation etc.
  • Navigation; map, compass and GPS.
  • Surviving natural disasters.
  • Example one day programme


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