Business Traveller Safety Awareness Courses are designed to help the individual to remain safe whilst on overseas deployments and provide valuable reinforcement to a company’s risk management strategy.

The key purpose of this safety course is to ensure the individual sets their own safety parameters to avoid or reduce their risks whilst operating in a wide range of physical, cultural or political conditions. The course includes a range of topics on how to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime (also, how to handle a mugging incident), staying healthy abroad, handling dodgy taxi drivers, dealing with corrupt officials, negotiating checkpoints and accommodation security.

If deemed necessary, the Safety Course can cover how to reduce the threat of kidnap and conduct if captured as well as the basics on weapons so that the client knows what material can provide protection if the bullets start flying! The desired outcome is the company are assured that their employees are well prepared for the assignment and the individual has the knowledge and confidence to be more productive whilst overseas.

Our typical clients are businesses from the resources and overseas development sectors, the oil and gas industry, small organisations to large corporations, NGOs and Charities and also Universities. All of these organisations are sending employees abroad on overseas business travel.

These could be to countries which are politically, economically and culturally unstable such as many countries in the Middle East and also Pakistan, Thailand, Burma, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Bolivia and South Africa, or to post conflict countries such a Mozambique and Angola. For the majority of our clients, the threat from crime and road safety is paramount and that is why employees going to countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and India find the course extremely useful.


Business Travel Tips

Of all the topics we cover, perhaps the one that sparks the most discussion, comment and good stories would be taxis. This year, the Brazilian police have launched a crack-down on bogus taxis drivers across the main cities as it’s known that so often this is where Express Kidnappings begin.

Here are a few corporate travel tips:

  • Booked from hotel, restaurant – get their vetted taxis rather than from the street
  • Check the booked taxi is for you, ask “who have you come for?”
  • Know how much it should cost and have good idea of direction and distance to destination
  • Ladies sit in the back - stops any wandering hands
  • Avoid taxis with accompanied driver
  • If late at night & long journey ahead, keep driver awake
  • Two or three in taxi, luggage in boot, don’t all get out at once – could be 'bye bye' luggage if he/she zooms off
  • Have something to chat about; know who won the cup or who is top batsman
  • Having details of good taxi drivers / taxi firms are the best

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