Hostile Environment Safety Courses

Hostile Environment Training (HET) for Journalists, NGO's or Media Teams

Are you a Journalist, NGO or Media Team travelling to conflict areas?

Are your staff prepared for the many risks and challenges with operating in a challenging or hostile environment?

Objective Travel Safety offers a variety of Hostile Environment Safety Training (HEST) courses (or Hostile Environment Safety Courses (HESC/HET/HEFAT/HEAT) as they are commonly referred to) for media teams, journalists, NGOs and charity field staff operating in conflict areas. 

Courses vary in length from an introductory one-day course, to two or five-day HEST courses which ensure employers deliver their duty of care and provide staff with the knowledge and tools to deal with the challenges and risks they may face in conflict areas.

Hostile Environment Safety Training (HEST/HEAT)      

  • Situation awareness
  • Security risk assessments 
  • Personal safety
  • Medical - preserving life and trauma through to tropical medicine
  • Negotiating checkpoints
  • Weapons and ballistics
  • Terrorism and media coverage of terrorist attacks
  • Guidance on emotional trauma and P.T.S.D 
  • Working/filming in riots and crowds 
  • Mines and booby trap awareness
  • Navigation; GPS and compass
  • Kidnap avoidance and conduct if taken 
  • Basic vehicle mechanics and extracting injured person  

We can also offer specialist medical courses for expeditions and for those working in remote or conflict areas. All are courses are bespoke and tailor made, in content and duration and will be adapted to meet the company's specific needs – please contact us for details. 

A typical UK based course would be two days, held at our training centre in Northamptonshire.

Why Choose Objective Travel Safety?

During our HEST courses for journalists, we appreciate the need to ensure the course has a strong journalistic focus and therefore one of our instructors is a journalist. We are fortunate to be supported by Robert Adams, a cameraman with over 25 years of frontline reporting and also Eric Feitjen and Peter Ter Velde. Both Eric and Peter have years of experience with Dutch television broadcaster NOS. We have delivered training courses for; Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, Channel 4, Trinity Mirror Group.

For the last 10 years, Objective Travel Safety have been working in partnership with the European Broadcast Union (EBU), running over 70, five-day HEST/HEAT/HEFAT courses in Bavaria, Germany and have trained well over 700 of Europe's finest journalists.

Our Premium Hostile Environment Safety Training Course

Our Premium HEST course is held regularly in Germany and run in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

The course is held in a privately-owned castle in Bavaria with access to extensive farmland and forest areas for scenario-based training. Our HEST/HEAT training course is unique. During the two exercises, delegates are required to find, film or record a story and produce a short news item, therefore, operating as they would have to in the field. The course has four instructors, one of which is a journalist and one medical training specialist.  

Among the European networks who regularly send their journalists and technicians to the courses are: NOS, SR, ARD, YLE, VRT, RTBF, DR, MTV3 and SRF.

HEST Course Dates for 2019

Two-Day Hostile Environment Safety Refresher Course (HEST) :

24 - 26 September - Click here to book online

Bookings for these courses are made directly with the EBU Academy.

For more information contact: Olga Aeberhard, EBU Academy  +41 22 717 2578.


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