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Our leisure and adventure safety course is designed to give the more adventurous traveller the knowledge and confidence to explore far and wide.

Avoiding trouble is the key to success; however we also provide a ‘tool kit’ for survival in difficult situations. Objective’s training expertise come from experience in the travel industry, extensive global travel and world wide service in the military. We have a reputation as the leader in the provision of travel safety training. In the past we have trained the Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor/Charlie Boorman), Global Rally (vintage cars, London to Sydney) and Driving Home (Colin Janvers Spinal Injury Trust, London to South Africa) expedition as well as countless groups embarking on the popular Mongol Rally. We routinely run hostile and travel safety courses for the UK print media, the European Broadcast Union, NGOs and Gap Year travellers.

Recent Expedition courses that we have run:

February 2017: James Kay & his brother driving London USA via Russia & Japan
November 2016: Gerhard Mukbel and his friend Oliver, Dresden to Dakar Rally
August 2016: Ben Lockwood driving London to Cape Town
March 2016: Alex Durgan & Holy Stewart driving London to Beijing
June 2015: Rhys Howell UK to Mongolia - Mongol Rally
March 2015: Max Bedall: Biking solo Banbury to China & then much of Australia!

Objective, along with The British House China, is supporting the London2Beijing expedition which departs on 01 April 2017. Details of the expedition can be found www.london2beijing.com

Modular Subjects

We accept from the outset that each individual's or expedition's requirements will be different and our courses are modular in make up. However, underpinning all topics is the need to ‘think safe’ and we provide clients with a simple but effective tool.  Typically courses are either a half day or full day in duration but can be extended to 2 or 3 days, permitting additional topics such as medical, and specific environmental training. 

Our modular subjects:

  • Personal security and situation awareness.
  • Theft avoidance and security of possessions.
  • Security advice and regional threats.
  • Kit, equipment and safety devices.
  • Cultural etiquette.
  • Accommodation security.
  • Negotiating check points.
  • Mines awareness.
  • Kidnap prevention and conduct if taken.
  • Emergency first aid.
  • Travel and tropical medicine.
  • Navigation; map, compass and GPS.
  • Surviving natural disasters.
  • Vehicles maintenance and loading.

Off road driving (not included in standard one day course).

What they say about Objective

The Objective training was excellent and provided us with the skills and confidence required to cope with any eventuality on our disabled driven expedition from UK to Cape Town".

Driving Home, Colin Janvens Spinal Injury Trust, March 2006

"Objective Travel Safety provided us with the best preparation for the Mongol Rally that we could have hoped for. On multiple occasions during our travels we were saved by the knowledge gained on our two day experience and i can honestly say we probably wouldn't have completed the rally without it! Furthermore, as a keen traveller, I fully expect the knowledge we gained to come in handy countless times in the future. Charlie and his team created an enjoyable and hugely thorough course that I would highly recommend to any adventurer!"

Ben Grimshaw August 2014 - Mongol Rally

The course on Friday was exactly what I needed, fantastic mix of new things to think about and very helpful advice. It was also great fun!
Thank you so much for your help and yes I'll be in touch with any questions or after the trip to let you know how it went!

James Kay, February 2017 - Driving across Russia, Mongolia, Japan & USA

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Half day course - from £490 + travel and VAT.

Full day course - from £750 + travel and VAT.

Two day or longer courses; prices dependent on location and content, please call to discuss options.

Once a year we host a Mongol Rally Training day, this year is the Sunday 25th June. The price per person is £150 + vat. See more details on our Mongol Rally page - www.objectivetravelsafety.com/mongol-rally

Click on this link to view our Travel Safety Training & Risk Management Brochure


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