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Hostile Environment Training

Our travel safety courses are designed to teach people how to think safe; to avoid becoming the victim of crime, from petty theft through to kidnapping, how to reduce the chances of getting sick, money – how much and how to take it, emergency first aid, managing environmental dangers, dealing with dodgy taxi drivers and corrupt officials....

Objective courses are designed to help individuals and groups to maximise their opportunities whilst working or travelling abroad.


Adventure & Business Travel Safety Courses

Our short courses for Business traveller advice the individual to work safely and effectively abroad whilst assisting the employer to deliver their duty of care.

Hostile Environment courses, from 1 to 5 days in duration, allow our clients to work as safety as possible in hazardous situations.


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Security Travel

No matter where you’re travelling, safety and security is essential and our courses are accessible to all types of individuals exploring new environments. Our security travel courses are always tailored to a client’s individual adventure and we can cover all of the relevant areas of security to minimise risks, including accommodation, kidnap prevention, situation awareness, criminal activity and handling of corrupt officials, as well as many other important topics.  

Travel Advice

The expert information and training we provide is tailored to meet our client’s needs; we aim to help our clients fully prepare in order to stay safe and we will always gain a strong understanding on their unique requirements and plans. Our courses are designed to help our clients feel assured when they’re travelling and our advice will outline any possible dangers early.

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  • ObjectiveTravel27/10/2014 Awful news about deaths in Newquay on surf beach. It shows dangers of rip tides, surf. Rip currents are especially acute in Australia
  • ObjectiveTravel16/10/2014 Hurricane warning issued for Bermuda as storm Gonzalo tracks in a NE direction, classed as cat 4 at present, hopefully will pass to west
  • ObjectiveTravel08/10/2014 USA announces entry checks for Ebola as first person dies of the disease in the US. Infection rates rising in W Africa, now over 3400 deaths
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Travel Safety Training & Risk Management Brochure
Travel Safety Training & Risk Management Brochure Travel Safety Training & Risk Management Brochure For the Business Traveller