Urban Safety


However the statistics are presented, there is little argument that street crime in Britain represents a real threat to people’s daily lives. The Objective Urban Safety Courses are designed to help the individual handle the challenges of the urban environment. We believe that with a little thought and training it is possible to dramatically reduce the chances of becoming the victim of crime or being hassled in the street. The courses are modular and can cater for most ages and life styles.

Whoever you are, its all about ‘thinking safe’ and we use our R.E.A.D.E philosophy to help the individual avoid trouble at the earliest opportunity:


Recognise the indicator of potential trouble in order to

Evaluate the situation so that one can

Avoid trouble or at least

Defuse the threat and then

Extract to safety


Typical clients


  • Teenagers, 13 to 17 years. On request from concerned parents, a 1 to 2 hour residential course; thinking safe, avoiding muggings, safe travel, clubbing, drugs and alcohol. Delivered by lecture and scenarios discussions.


  • Adults in the city. A half or one day course on how to live and work with confidence. Subjects include situation awareness, home and personal security, defusing confrontation and dealing with muggings.


  • Corporate responsibility. A one to two hour course, for companies wishing to ensure employees don’t fall victim to crime whilst on business or travelling to and from work.

Modular Subjects

The modules are delivered by means of interactive scenarios and role play, lectures and practical based learning.  Courses can be tailored to suit the time available and size, age & experience of the group.

  • Personal security: Avoid becoming the victim; lower your profile; think safe.
  • Travelling Securely: Buses; trains; taxis; cars; simple navigation techniques.
  • Protecting your possessions: What to carry; where and how to keep it safe.
  • Street first aid: Dealing with traumatic injuries; preserving life until help arrives.
  • Handling difficult situations: Defusing confrontation and muggings; when all else fails, escaping an attacker.
  • Dire straits: Resolving varied crisis situations.
  • Protecting the home: Measure to protect the home and family.
  • Girls talk: Peer pressure; pubs and clubs; rape avoidance & date rape; self conduct; drugs & alcohol. Taught by a female instructor.


One hour, 1 instructor, from £180 + travel and VAT.

Two hours, 1 instructor, from £340 + travel and VAT.

Half day course, 1 instructor, from £490 + travel and VAT.

Half day course, 2 instructors, from £670 + travel and VAT.


Prices will vary for larger groups, please call to discuss options. Delegates receive a laminated guide at the end of the course.


Click on this link to view our Travel Safety Training & Risk Management Brochure

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