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Objective has gained an excellent reputation within the safety awareness field. Our clients are diverse; NGOs and journalists working in hostile environments, gap year students travelling overseas and individuals living and working in the urban environment. 

For all our clients, the key is for the individual to ‘think safe’.  For schools, we can offer valuable training that will enhance PHSE programmes and prepare the school leaver for overseas travel.  We can offer two bespoke training packages which can be delivered to fit in with timetabling constraints.

  • Gap year safety courses for the lower or upper sixth form.
  • Urban safety courses for the 11-14 or 15-18 age groups.

Our Urban courses would be typically one or two hours in duration, the Gap Year safety training ranges from a 1 hour travel safety talk to either a half or full day course.  Many schools choose to run both urban and gap safety course to different schools years, in one day's instruction.

In both cases, it's all about ‘thinking safe’ and we use our R.E.A.D.E philosophy to help the individual avoid trouble at the earliest opportunity.

Recognise the indicator of potential trouble in order to

Evaluate the situation so that one can

Avoid trouble or at least

Defuse the threat and then

Extract to safety

Half or full day Gap year courses have or are being delivered at the following independent schools:

Stowe, Eton College, Wycombe Abbey, Tudor Hall, Sherborne Girls, Eastbourne College, Hurstpierpoint, St Mary's Ascot, Abingdon, Benedon, Moreton Hall, Radley College, Headington School.


'Objective Travel came and gave an excellent talk to our Lower Sixth. A mixture of impartial advice, fascinating anecdote, and up-to-date information, delivered by professionals who know what they were talking about, ensured that the students left inspired, informed and aware.'

Ricki Smith, Head of Sixth Form Headington School, Oxford.


"As a parent I sat in on the Gap Year Safety Course arranged by the school as one of the Leavers' Events.  In an upbeat, entertaining, but meaningful way, it covered a multitude of pitfalls and possible dangers for the lone world traveller.  From how to read a situation as you arrive at a bus station in La Paz, to how to judge a taxi driver or assess a hostel, and all manner of useful tips on clothing, essential equipment, communicating with home, bugs, bites, and basic medical supplies.  Charlie and Heather delivered the material in a lively and amusing way, though Charlie's role play as the pushy Moroccan market trader was a highlight.  An immensely valuable, practical course, it distilled travel advice and tips that we, as parents, have amassed over a lifetime.  The girls clearly enjoyed it; even as a seasoned traveller myself I learnt new things.  Excellent!"

Mike Sewry, parent, Sherborne School for Girls June 2011

Modular Subjects

Keeping Safe on Your Gap Year

As an increasing number of pupils are taking a gap year or will travel during university holidays, this course will prepare for the challenges of overseas travel. In a way the course is an education beyond school; much of what is taught are life skills as applicable on the streets of Paris as Timbuktu. Too often one reads stories of gap year travellers getting into difficulties or worse that could have been avoided with a little bit of preparation and thought. Courses are modular and are delivered by means of lecture, scenarios and role play to ensure maximum participation. For more information on our gap year safety training see www.objectivegapsafety.com


Before you go: Researching destinations, security, health & cultural issues, money & documents.

What to take: Kit and equipment, what and how to pack and safety & electrical gadgets.

Getting about: Travelling safely in foreign taxis, buses and trains etc.

Over there: Where to get help, choosing accommodation, changing money, dealing with authorities, drugs and alcohol.

Keeping Safe: Avoid becoming the victim of crime, handling muggings, defusing confrontation and surviving extremes; earthquakes, forest fires etc.

Keeping yourself going: Life preservation first aid, staying healthy; bugs, bites and bowels.

Travel tips for girls: Female issues abroad, allurement and rape. Delivered by a female instructor.

Urban Safety Awareness

This course is designed to enhance the PHSE syllabus, teaching the youngster how to ‘think safe’ and recognise danger at an early stage. Whether tailored to the 11 -14 year olds venturing out on public transport, having mobile phones etc. for the first time; or 15 -18 year olds coping with the challenges of the urban environment, our courses will help to allay the anxieties of both parents, pupils and teachers. For more information on our urban course please see. https://www.objectivetravelsafety.com/urban-safety


Personal security: Avoid becoming the victim, lower your profile, think safe.

Travelling safely: Buses, trains, taxis, cars and simple navigation techniques.

Protecting your possessions: How to use but not lose valuables; purses, Ipods, mobile etc.

Street First Aid: Dealing with traumatic injuries, preserving life until help arrives.

Handling difficult situations: Defusing confrontation, peer pressure, muggings etc.

Dire straits: Coping with varied crisis situations.

Girls talks: Handling peer pressure, pubs and clubs, rape avoidance and date rape, drugs and alcohol. Taught by a female instructor.


One hour lecture - £195 + VAT & travel.

Two hour course (1 instructor) - £380 + VAT & travel.

Half day course, 3.5 hours, (1 instructor) - £490 + VAT & travel.

Half day course, (2 instructors) - £690 + VAT & travel.

Full day course, (2 instructors) - £850 + VAT & travel. 


Prices may vary for larger groups, please call to discuss options.


Click on this link to view our Travel Safety Training & Risk Management Brochure for Gap Year Travellers.

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